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Guided hunt by Scott Dennis of Paw Paw's Pirogues won at Delta Waterfowl banquet. ... See MoreSee Less

The guys that won the guided duck hunt out of Delacroix, La with Paw Paw's Pirogues shot a 3 man limit this morning! Glad that they had a blast and we greatly appreciate Scott Dennis that donated the ...

GATOR WARNING!!! - Please do not even think twice about bringing your retriever out in the marshes of southeast Louisiana for teal season. We have seen more gators this year than ever before and these guys are big, active and hungry. We took out four (Two 11's and two 8.5's) on Sunday morning and every time we stopped to take one off the line, two or three more big ones would surface around us. To make matters worse, due to a huge price drop, there is no incentive for our trappers to harvest anything larger than 8' this season so many of them are not filling their quotas leaving more of these giants to roam your ponds. ... See MoreSee Less

Today (National Dog Day), my brother, Scott, his wife, Charlotte Dennis, and the whole family at Paw Paw's Pirogues, said goodbye to a loyal friend. ... See MoreSee Less

Today (National Dog Day), my brother, Scott, his wife, @[100002767580538:2048:Charlotte Dennis], and the whole family at Paw Paw's Pirogues, said goodbye to a loyal friend.

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  • Christmas – New Year’s break with the Duck Commander (1/2/2015) - For the Christmas break we headed up to West Monroe to deliver some pirogues and spend a few days with Phil Robertson and the Duck Commander crew.  Here we are after the first hunt picking a seven man limit of woodies.  Phil is seated at the left.   For additional pictures … Continue reading
  • 2nd Split – Opening Weekend (12/23/2014) - Second split opened well with 8 full limits of mostly grays from two blinds on Saturday.  Sunday’s limits were populated mostly by greenwings.
  • Thanksgiving Week (12/2/2014) - Without any big weather changes during Thanksgiving week and weekend the grays have definitely moved into their midday flight patterns around our land in Delacroix.  This mixed limit taken by Scott and his friends, Neil and Tom, was followed by Paw Paw and I taking 10 grays from about 11 … Continue reading
  • 2014-15 Season – Weekend #2 (11/23/2014) - Seven limits made up mainly of greenwings on Saturday was followed up by very bad weather early Sunday morning.  We waited for the heavy rains to clear before heading out to brave the 20-30 mph winds and were rewarded with five more limits of mostly grays but we also bagged … Continue reading
  • 2014 Opening Weekend (11/18/2014) - Paw Paw celebrated his 74th birthday on opening weekend and the hunting was great.  Full limits of grays on Saturday, Followed by a mixed bag of grays and teal on Sunday.  The total take for the weekend was 100 ducks.
  • Youth Weekend 2014 (11/12/2014) - After a very slow Teal Season, the Youth Weekend started off with a bang, 47 of them to be exact.  Looking forward to a great opening weekend.