pic01Based on the design of a cypress pirogue that has traveled throughout the marshes of Delacroix Island for over 50 years and is still in use today, this fiberglass pirogue is sure to be the finest you have ever used.pic03

Weighing about 70 pounds, this 13.5′ model is light enough to be handled by one person but can carry a load of over 500 pounds.


The time-tested design allows for the ultimate in maneuverability. Originally crafted by the old-time market hunters and trappers, this boat is engineered to paddle long distances with seating at the right level to avoid back fatigue. The encased foam seats provide buoyancy to prevent the pirogue from sinking if swamped.


Open space under the bench seating allows you to slide longer items such as blind materials beneath the seat for more balanced loading. Wood may have been the only choice for our forefathers, but space-age fiberglass and moldings make this durable pirogue the last you ever need to own.

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The history of Paw Paw’s Pirogues and a behind the scenes look at how they are made.

The crew from Paw Paw’s Pirogues on a September 2007 Alligator Hunt. This is another way in which we put our products to use.

As seen in Duckmen X – Relentless
“This is the best I’ve seen in a pirogue.”
- Phil Robertson

Sharing a blind with Duck Commander Phil Robertson and pirogue designer Errol Dennis, Sr.
See how they handle.